Industry Verticals that our HRMS cater industry.


Being a personalized solution provider in Tyre Industry - Our Tyre ERP solution has an Integrated HRMS which keeps track of departmental insights, workforce management, employee attendance & leave, salary payments. It reduces time and cost in managing employee records and activities.

Food & Beverage

Everyone eats everyday, right? And this makes, industry very engaging and busy. Employees working here, have an added pressure to manage long customer queue, rush hours, inventory turns, orders & delivery. And our HRMS fits best to this market where you can manage your employee shifts, leaves, give them bonus for the extraordinary efforts with ultimate tracking of operations to avoid any unavoidable issues to run business smoothly.

IT Software Companies

IT industry has completely traversed & evolved in the last couple of decades, involving variety of business operations taking place internationally as well as within the countries. With technological advances, there arises a need of tremendous assistance in automation of reporting and tracking systems to fasten the company operations and achieve effective & timely results. Thus, we provide a broad-ranging solution which enables in functional management of all processes starting from recruiting & training, salary & benefits, projects & tasks, travels & client visits, analytics, payroll, and performance statistics.


Automobiles industry have varied processes and tasks, people performing them at different workstations. Every station has skilled employees with expertise in managing minute autoparts & machines, With increasing demand in workers, it can prove costly to leave such skillful workers and thus, you need to understand and manage your very own work group. And with today's technological evolution, HRMS software keeps you updated with all employee information at fingertips.

White Goods & Electronics

Dealing in white goods and electronic retail distribution requires several stores and branches to reach varied customers. Thus, diversifying the internal workforce becomes mandatory, making it difficult to manage & track work rate for each store. HRMS solution helps in restructuring the operational processes with involvement of features from assets management & requisitions to shifts, time & attendance.